We provide an extensive cardiology service with a full cardio-respiratory department, cardiac catheter laboratory and the Acute Cardiac Care Unit at Warrington Hospital. We also provide outpatient services, ECG and a cardiac rehabilitation service at Halton General Hospital.
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Coronary Care Unit - Appleton Wing

The Coronary Care Unit (CCU) is a mixed sex unit consisting of eight acute coronary care beds for patients who have suffered heart attacks or other cardiac problems. All CCU beds are equipped with state of the art monitoring equipment and a dedicated pacing room used for inserting temporary pacemakers for acutely ill patients along with other complex invasive procedures.

CCU is located immediatly next to the A&E Department for speed and ease of transferring patients onto the CCU.

All CCU Patients are reviewed on faily ward rounds including weekends by one of teh Cardiology Consultant Team of whom are on call for CCU Patients 24 hours a day. This is in conjunction with a  team of highly tained Coronary Care Nursing Staff and junion Doctor support to proide specialist care for CCU patients. CCU has a rich staffing ratio of one qualified nurse for every two patients, often also supported by a Care Support Worker.

A large number of CCU patients will utilise the facilities of the nearby Cardiac Catheter Suite located at Warrington Hospital. Following a period of assessment on the CCU, patients may be referred to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital for further treatment if required.

Once CCU care is no longer deemed necessary, the majority of CCU Patients will 'step down' to the Cardiology Ward, Ward C21, to spend the remainder of their Hospital stay before being discharged.

Cardiac Catheter Suite - Burtonwood Wing

We have a dedicated, fully digital, flat panel Cardiac Catheter Laboratory. The imaging/monitoring system includes Siemens Artis / Sensis angiography equipment with Medcon archive and reporting system. The Catheter Suite undertakes approximately 1,500 diagnostic procedures per annum. You can read more about angiography here.

There is an adjoining 10 bedded Catheter Suite day case unit and the department carries out permanent pacemaker implantation, with a physiologist led follow up service.

There is a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of staff including a nurse manager and nursing team, lead radiographer and a team of cardiac physiologists, plus dedicated administration support. 

A variety of procedures are carried out as a day case within the Cardiac Catheter Suite at Warrington; 

  • Coronary angiography 
  • Pacemaker implantation 
  • Loop recorder implantation 
  • Trans-Oesophageal Echocardiograms (TOEs) 

The majority of patients are seen in a pre-admission clinic prior to any day case operation. Patients are assessed fully and given a complete explanation of the procedure prior to consenting to treatment. 

Cardiology Ward C21 - Croft Wing

Ward C21 is a 24 bedded mixed sex ward which houses six beds with full cardiac monitoring and a further eight telemetry beds linked to the Coronary Care Unit. 

Ward rounds take place on a daily basis by one of the senior cardiology team, in conjunction with a team of highly trained ward nursing staff, heart failure specialist nursing and cardiac specialist nursing teams to provide high quality, safe health care to our patients. 

Cardio-Respiratory Department - Kendrick Wing

There is dedicated team of cardiac physiologists, managed by the cardio-respiratory service manager, providing a full range of diagnostic cardiology services across the trust including:

  • 12 lead Electrocardiography (ECG)  
  • Echocardiography including Transthoracic (adult and paediatric), Tranoesophageal and Stress (Pharmacological and Exercise) echocardiograms. 
  • Exercise ECG testing - Physiologist and medically led  
  • Ambulatory Electrocardiography Monitoring 
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring 
  • Tilt Testing – Physiologist and medically led  
  • Pacemaker Follow-up 
  • Loop follow up 
Cardiac Rehabilitation

All myocardial infarction (heart attack) patients will be referred to the dedicated, multi-disciplinary cardiac rehabilitation team to assist and advise them during their recovery.

Initially the process of rehabilitation starts in hospital at the patient’s bedside in order to provide reassurance and lifestyle advice. Patients are invited to either attend further rehabilitation classes, within the trust or out in the community, with the aim of returning patients back to a fully active life. 

Outpatient Clinics

We provide cardiology outpatient clinics in the outpatient department, Appleton Wing at Warrington Hospital and the outpatient department at Halton General Hospital.

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