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Research and development

At both Warrington and Halton Hospital sites we participate in studies to promote medical research and improve care in the future for certain conditions.

These studies are large studies that often involve many patients in many different hospitals.

Our research and development (R&D) department works closely with the clinical divisions within the hospitals to ensure we can offer patients the opportunity to participate in high quality research that has been approved by an independent ethical body.

The trust recognises that participation in clinical research demonstrates our commitment to improving the quality of care we offer both by helping ensure our clinical staff stay abreast of the latest possible treatment options and because active participation in research leads to successful patient outcomes.

Patient information on studies

If you are a patient with us, you may be asked by a consultant or approached by a research nurse/midwife to see if you would like to take part in a study or you may receive an invitation in the post. Some research studies just involve surveys and interviews, others may look at the effect of drugs and treatments.

You can be reassured that all research will first have been approved by an ethical committee which is independent from the hospital. Taking part is voluntary and you may change your mind at any time.

If you are invited to take part in a research study, you will be given a patient information leaflet that is specific to that study.

We are supported by the North West Coast Local Research Network which is part of the NHS National Institute for Health Research.

They have produced a booklet aimed specifically at people who wish to understand more about participating in health research, called understanding clinical trials.

Research consent

Your Pathway to Research is an initiative created to establish a register of people interested in taking part in health research and who agree to be contacted by members of the research team about current or future research projects.

As a first step, we are creating a register of people who would be willing for research staff to contact them to ask if they would like to take part in current or future research projects that interest them. You may have been asked by your consultant already or if you are interested, you can ask them

At this stage we’re not asking you to agree to any particular study. By using your records, researchers can check if you might be suitable for a specific research project based on different aspects of your health, for example, your symptoms or your medication. Only research staff working for Warrington and Halton NHS Foundation Trust (e.g. research nurses, midwives or Consultants) will be able to use the information in the register.

Research consent application

Current studies

You can find pages with information on some of the studies we are involved with below:



We are also involved in studies in:

  • surgery
  • cardiology

Latest opportunities

Are you interested in improving health outcomes and taking part in clinical studies but always thought you couldn’t because you’re fit and healthy?


The Research department are currently promoting a new study which is looking for healthy individuals to provide a blood sample for genotyping.


Please see the attached leaflet here if you would like to participate and contact us for further details;


Email: WHH.Research@nhs.net


Tel: 01925 662946



We have a team of research nurses, midwives and support staff that work across both hospital sites to support the consultants currently participating in clinical research. The team is headed up by the director of research and development, Mr Mark Halliwell, and the research and development manager, Nemonie Marriott. The executive lead is the trust medical director, Dr Simon Constable.

If you would like to know more about research at the trust or if there are any studies you could take part in please ask your consultant or telephone the research office on 01925 662946 or 01925 275514.

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