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We are one of a number of NHS organisations who want to be open and honest with our patients. This is how a modern NHS hospital should be – open and accountable to the public and patients and always driving improvements in care.

The Open and honest care: driving improvement programme sees a number of trusts regularly publish information on quality and safety measures and incidences of harm in our hospitals.

As a member of the programme, we continue to work with patients and staff to provide open and honest care, and through implementing quality improvements, further reduce the harm that patients can sometimes experience when they are in hospital.

We have made a commitment to publish a set of patient outcomes, patient experience and staff experience measures so that patients and the public can see how we are performing in these areas.

Each month we collaborate with other care providers to share what we have learned and to use this information to identify where changes can be made to improve care.

What these reports tell you

The reports give open information on how many patients experienced any identified avoidable harms that can happen in hospital. These include:

  • Health care acquired infections such as MRSA and C-difficile
  • Blood clots
  • Hospital acquired pressure ulcers (bed sores)
  • Falls whilst in hospital that resulted in injury.

It also gives an overall percentage score on the number of patients who did not suffer any harm during that month and patient stories on how we have used patient experience to improve care.

Latest monthly score and reports

The latest report shows that 99.3% of patients did not suffer any harm in our organisation in the month of February 2017 (published March 2017).

The full information from each previous month of the programme is available in our downloadable PDF reports below.

Previous monthly reports

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