Warrington and Halton Hospitals

Facilities in focus

Our plans for our buildings

Over the next five years we will begin the process of further modernising our estate. The aim is to ensure that our healthcare services are provided in modern, fit for purpose accommodation.

The critical building works between 2015 and 2017 involve the demolition and re-provision of facilities between the Warrington and Halton sites to generate efficiencies and savings and improve conditions and environment to enable more strategic future site use.

This will see Warrington emerge as the emergency site and Halton becoming a day case and surgical centre (with added urgent care facilities and medical cover).

What you'll see

Years 1 and 2 of our programme will involve:

  • The demolition and removal of the older facilities at Warrington including Kendrick Wing (which dates from the late 1800s) and residential accommodation.
  • In order to do this there will be a focus on the provision and construction of new facilities at Warrington for administrative services (so we can clear the older inefficient hospital buildings), to provide new accommodation for our stores and catering facilities and facilities management and develop a flagship development of a new centre of excellence for Ophthalmology.
  • This will be complemented at Halton by minor works to make land available for future long term development of new facilities on that site.

Looking further ahead

Our longer term plans will focus on the development of the Halton site which will modernise and improve facilities and services and lead us to the creation of an elective and day case flagship centre for the region.

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